Medical Nutrition Therapy

Designed to provide a comprehensive and individualized understanding of medical nutrition and its role in the treatment of diabetes.

The overall goal of medical nutrition therapy is to assist people with diabetes to make changes in meal-planning and exercise habits. There is no one “diabetic� diet. The recommended diet can only be defined as a dietary prescription based on a nutritional evaluation and mutually set treatment goals.

The philosophy of Diabetes Clinical Services includes Medical Nutrition Therapy as a necessary component of total diabetes management and care. Adherence to nutrition and meal planning principles is one of the most challenging aspects of diabetes care, and research evidence demonstrates that nutrition therapy is an essential component of successful diabetes self-management.

Effective self-management training requires an individualized approach based upon the personal lifestyle of the patient. A nutritional assessment is performed to determine the diet goals in light of realistic capabilities of the patient. This includes consideration of the patient’s cultural background and financial situation.

Monitoring patient glucose, glycohemoglobin, lipids, blood pressure and renal status is key in evaluation of nutrition-related outcomes. If goals are not met, adjustments are made to the medical nutrition therapy program.